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       Perspectives of telecom transit market between Europe and Asia

       The market of high-tech children's wearable gadgets and mobile security solutions for children

       Usability in e-Trade: Rating of Largest e-Shops’ in Russia

       Russian Bulk SMS (Mass Messaging) market. The results of 2014 and forecast up to 2020

       The Analysis of Russian and Global Game Markets in 2014-2016: Current Market
            Situation, Forecasts, Market Players, Projects and Tendencies

       Russian Virtual PBX Market

       Global and Russian M2M/IoT Market: Structure, Dynamics, Successful Strategies,
            Business Models, Monetization and Recommendations

       Russian Distance Employment Market

       M2M Platforms and Providers: Solutions Based on Specialized Software

       Mobile Messengers and Other Communication OTT-Services: Global and Russian
            Market’s Perspectives up to 2018

       Russian SIP-Phones Market, Results of 2014

       Russian Private Automatic Exchange (PABX) Market, Results of 2014

       Russian Payment Terminals Market, 2014 Results

       Russian eMoney Market, Results of 2014

       Global and Russian SaaS-Solutions Markets in B2B Segment

       Russian Mobile Banking: Market Forecasts, User Behavior, Rating Applications

       Russian Legal Video Services Market, Results of 2014 & Forecast till 2018

       Russian Pay TV Market. Results of 2014, Forecast till 2019

       Video Conferencing Market in B2G Segment in Russian Federation

       Fulfillment Market in the Russian Federation

       Express Delivery Market in Russian Federation

       Traditional and New Manufacturers of Mobile Devices in Russia and in the World

       Analysis of service provision models via Smart Wi-Fi

       Global Contactless Payments Market

       Market of IaaS provided by Russian companies to corporate clients. Results of 2014

       Internet Trading Market – DIY Segment in Russia, 2014

       Banking Software Market in Russian Federation

       The Construction of Fiber-Optic Line (FOL) Market in Russian Federation

       Global Trends in the ICT Sphere Based on Largest ICT Companies’ Venture Activities and M&A Policies

       Telecommunication and IT Industries Development, Forecast for 2015

       Russian Market of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Services in Corporate Segment

       Global and Russian Tablet PC Market, Results of 2014

       Geography of OTT-Video Services Audience in Russia in Terms of the Report - Atlas
            of Professional OTT-Video Services Market in Russia, Preliminary Results of 2014

       Russian Information Security Market, Results of 2014, Forecast till 2018

       Russian Communication Industry: Key Tendencies and Regulation Perspectives

       Russian and Global mHealth Markets, Results of 2014

       Internet Advertising in Russia, Results of 2014

       Russian Online Shopping Market, Results of 2014

       Russian Online Shopping Market: Baby Products Segment, 2013

       Mobile services market in Russia and aboard, comparison of main market indices

       The reliance of LTE services' penetration rate on the chosen billing model regarding 3G

       SMS market in Russia

       Wireless communication infrastructure (WCI). Market tendencies and perspectives (2G, 3G, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi), 2012 - 2017

       The relation of Operators' strategies on the economic development of the country

       Broadband services, perspectives of implementation in the professional mobile radio connection (PMR) based on LTE

       International and national roaming in LTE networks in Russia and in the world

       The development of Android & iOS ecosystems. Operator’s and non-operator’s mobile content

       Mobile Identity

       3G (HSPA & HSPA+) in Russia and in the World: Current market state, potential and development perspectives.

       Russian market of Online-sales (mobile phones and smartphones), 2010-2016

       Bundling of corporate equipment by foreign mobile operators in the SME/SOHO segments. Overview of global experience

       Connected Car: automotive telematics and information-entertaining automobile systems, 2013 – 2017

       Russian market of payment terminals

       M2M communication market in Russia and in the world

       Frequency bands for 4th generation of networks (4G): current situation and perspectives in the world and Russia

       The importance of smartphone's penetration rate for operators strategies. Global experience.

       Market of traditional cellular mobile service (voice and SMS). Current state and development
           perspectives in Russia and in the world.

       Prospects for the broadband access networks in Russia. Comparison with a foreign market

       Russian mobile payments market

       Strategies of telecom operators in the sphere of mobile applications (apps)

       Rating of venture capital funds

       Investment strategies of the world largest mobile operators for 2010 - 2012

       “MVNO market in Russia and in the world: main trends and perspectives of development”

       Digital music distribution market, 2010-2016

       Russian IaaS market

       Backhaul networks for broadband mobile communication: tendencies and perspectives of
            development in Russia and in the world

       Tendencies and perspectives of market development of picocells in Russia and in the world

       Russian and world sales of smartphones by operating systems, 2011 - 2016

       Use of Wi-Fi in transport: Russian and international experience, perspectives of development

       Overview of the Russian and world smart devices market, 2011 – 2017

       Market of mobile apps development.

       Network outsourcing by mobile / fixed operators in Russia.

       M-Health market in Russia and worldwide: main tendencies and forecasts.

       MVNO on LTE networks.

       Current state and development perspectives of Time Division LTE networks (TD-LTE) in Russia and in the world.

       Characteristics of Apps for Tablets market.

       Research of the Competitive Situation on the Telecommunication Market in B2B Segment.

       «Internet of things and intermachine communication. Situation overview in Russia and worldwide».

       HTML5 technology market.

       E-commerce market in Russia.

       Mobile instant messaging systems as a direct threat to SMS.

       Equipment market and prospects of the implementation of new services based on the technology of
            transmitting multimedia content on the basis of the IP protocol (IP Multimedia Subsystem, IMS).

       Technological analysis of smartphones sold in Russia, 2008 - 2015

       Russian LTE Market Analysis and Forecast

       Mobile business applications market

       User devices supporting LTE: main trends and perspectives.

       IPTV market in Russia.

       Augmented Reality and Location-Based Services Markets in Russia and World.

       Global Experience of Infrastructure Sharing by Mobile Network Operators.

       RCS (Rich Communication Services): Market Overview and Services Development in the World.

       Voice over 4G networks. LTE: from Tests to Implementation.

       Russian market of banking auto payments

       The Russian market of tourism and services for travelers (tourist services) in 2011-2013: volume, structure, dynamics

       Mobile applications (apps) market in Russia and worldwide

       National (internet) and intranet roaming: world practice

       2012-2017 Pay-TV Market Current Status and Forecasts.

       GPON technology. Development in Russia and the world.

       Russian Market of Payment Terminals.

       Russian market of remote financial services.

       4G tariffs: Russia and the World.

       WiMax market perspectives in Russia and worldwide, migration possibility to LTE.

       The Market of Microcrediting in Russia and the World.

       Mobile Internet Market Review. Use of mobile Internet through smartphones and tablet PCs.

       Mobile video market overview.

       The Russian Market of Mobile Social Network.

       The Russian Market of mobile operator payments, mobile and SMS-banking.

       Russian Market of Smartphones and tablet PCs.

       The market of M2M communications in Russia and the world.

       Mobile Data Traffic Offload: world experience of mobile broadband network offload.

       Future TV: NextGenTV.



       Femtocells in Russia and the world.

       Evolution of Video content consumption terminals

       Mobile Advertising Market, 2011-2016

       MNP Implementation Goals and Results

       Russian Mobile Games Market

       Corporate and Private Segments of the Russian and Global VoIP Market.

       A study of the influence of the availability of Smart TV functionality on consumer choice.


       Russia's Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV) Market Outlook, 2011-2015

       Russia's online games market, 2010-2016

       World market of systems/solutions for traffic management

       Analysis of Russian PBX market in 2011

       Mobile marketing main market drivers, 2010-2016

       Russia's Digital Set Top Box (STB) Market

       Value Added Services (VAS) at LTE Networks

       Digital audio content market in Russia and the world, 2009-2013

       The market of digital content in Russia and the world, 2009-2013

       NFC Market in Russia and the World

       QR-codes Market in Russia and World

       Analysis of the state and development prospects of Russian telecommunication services market in B2C, B2B and B2G segments.

       The market of commercial data centers, Russia.



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